Our Mission

Our mission is to create unique, fresh artisanal breads, and homemade pickles and preserves from unprocessed and whole ingredients, many of which are grown on the farm or locally sourced.

Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

Artisan Breads

Our breads are made from recipes that are considered as valuable family heirlooms.  Each loaf is prepared by hand and baked with care just like Momma did it.

Jams, Jellies, Pickles & Preserves

Pickles, preserves, jams and jellies are made from peak season produce.  Ingredients are grown, picked and processed right on the farm with minimum pesticides use and sustainable practices such as composting and open pollination in place. 

Fresh Seasonal Produce

Spring, summer and fall crop varieties are chosen for their adaptability to the local climate and heartiness to pests. 

Commissary Kitchen

Are you an aspiring commercial food processor? We can help! 

We understand the inherent challenges of getting a food business off the ground.  If you are a cottage food business, preparing food for sale out of your home, ready for commercial production, we can rent you a commercial space to get your dreams off the ground!  Send us an email to get on the list.